Friday, 18 July 2014


Special Note for churches and ministries from The CEO's Desk.
We write to introduce this unique service which have been of immense support and help to many ministry/churches.

Our bulk sms service gives you:
- Value for each penny
- Keeps your members informed at minimal cost
- Reach out to new comers in a unique way
- Spread the name of your ministry with each sms
- and lots
It is simple and unique. Our support team is always ready to assist whenever you need help.
You can do it at the comfort of any Internet enabled device like:
Android and Blackberry Phones, Ipads, laptops, desktops etc
Simply first create a log in account on our sms portal and try out with the free unit to test.
Our website address is
We are proudly Nigeria's Best Bulk sms company founded on the foundation of GRACE.

Emeto Charles

Best BULK SMS Company