Monday, 29 December 2014


Once again, we have proven beyond doubt to remain unmistakeably as the very best route for bulk sms delivery in Nigeria. Our customers never stop smiling.

Quality Service is all about meeting the needs of customers when they are needed. Though 2014 have not being without challenges, yet we overcame all the challenges with a resolve to providing effective, quality and dynamic service. With various alternatives to backup.

Our newly introduced robocall again, added to the giant stride of our team whose commitment is nothing more than giving QUALITY.

As we roll into 2015, we are again poised to delivering our aggressive services that is comparable to none. And we do this with customer's satisfaction in focus.

While you get quality quality from us, please refer us to your friends.

It is always amazing when you stay connected us.
24/7 Customer support

Tel: 2348038527295
Whatsapp on 2348056536418
BBM: 7F65A4C6

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

End of Bonuses

Great Friend,
The festive season is here and everyone either want to sell something or share something, we help you sell or share faster and better through our advanced bulk sms platform.

Joining us guarantees you a place in this season's amazing bonuses coming up soon.

It is always amazing when you stay connected us.
24/7 Customer support
whatsapp on 2348056536418
BBM: 7F65A4C6

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

We Remain The Best

In BULK SMS delivery, we have our uniqueness.

Why we stand out among others:
1. Smart platform
2. Accessible on slow internet connection
3. Quality delivery
4. Always available
5. 24/7 Customer support
6. User friendly on any device

7. All payments attended to

8. And many more

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Friday, 18 July 2014


Special Note for churches and ministries from The CEO's Desk.
We write to introduce this unique service which have been of immense support and help to many ministry/churches.

Our bulk sms service gives you:
- Value for each penny
- Keeps your members informed at minimal cost
- Reach out to new comers in a unique way
- Spread the name of your ministry with each sms
- and lots
It is simple and unique. Our support team is always ready to assist whenever you need help.
You can do it at the comfort of any Internet enabled device like:
Android and Blackberry Phones, Ipads, laptops, desktops etc
Simply first create a log in account on our sms portal and try out with the free unit to test.
Our website address is
We are proudly Nigeria's Best Bulk sms company founded on the foundation of GRACE.

Emeto Charles

Best BULK SMS Company

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Once again, we bring you this little piece to intimate you on some important things about BULK SMS.

When you desire a great BULK SMS platform, then consider the following:
1. The web hosting server
2. The consistency of the website (sms portal)
3. The quality of it's personnel
4. The speed of response to complaint
5. And finally, the delivery quality of sms.

The above listed is a reason IPWEBSMS remain the best and most effective platform to trust for BULK SMS.

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Good News!

Now we can graciously say to all our customers and friends that we can re-invent whatever product or services they have with our super sms marketing technique.

We have consistently proven beyond measure that remains the most committed and reliable platform to send sms and relax with ease.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Do You Know?

If you don't know what goes under, you may not know what happens over the top.
We have consistently proven beyond measure to remain the premier BULK sms platform in Nigeria and growing through the African region. Our commitment to quality delivery makes all the difference.

With 24/7 surveillance on our site functionality and a standby backup delivery route for emergency, remains a choice to make.